Judaism centres on home and family. Giving gifts that emphasises religion and tradition during important life events is important in the Jewish faith.

Gifts For Newborn

A Jewish family will conduct a celebration to mark a boy’s circumcision eight days after being born and a girl receives her Hebrew name. This tradition is called Brit Milah. This is the perfect time to give away beautiful personalized jewelleries or picture frames to mark this joyous event. You can also give a decorative box called a “mezuzah” with a hand-written prayer within.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Gifts

When boys and girls become full members of the Jewish community, they become “bar mitzvah,” and “bat mitzvah”, respectively. Traditional gifts for such events include “tzedakah,” or charity box to remind the new Jewish adult giving charity in his own name is one of the most important religious commandments to obey. For girls, decorative candlesticks make perfect gift ideas.

Jewish Home Gifts

Silver or ceramic “kiddush” cups are perfect for Sabbath ceremonies. Ornamental wall plaques like the “hamsa” or Hand of God, to bring luck in the household as well as eye-catching Jewish art pieces to warm up the house.

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