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Mezuzah Cases


HH Judaica offers a full line of elegantly designed Mezuzah Cases. Our selection includes Mezuzah Covers from the worlds renowned Israeli Judaica artists.

You will find Mezuzah cases from artists such as Yair Emanuel, Lior Gluska and Jessica Sporn. A Mezuza Case from these Judaica artists are more than just a Mezuzah Case, it's an individually designed and crafted Jewish Art.

Among our Mezuza Case selection you will find Wood Cases, Sterling Silver Covers, Pewter Covers, Ceramic Covers and much more

Wether you are looking for a Mezuzah Case for yourself or to give as a gift, you will surely find the perfect case of your choice. 

Mezuzah information Coming Soon!

We will be featuring a full article on information on the Mezuzah Scroll and Parchment. We offer information on all Judaica products as a courtesy to our customers. The article will include information such as: When did the Jewish nation first have a the commandment to write a Mezuzah? Can anyone write a Mezuzah scroll? Can any parchment be used for a mezuzah scroll? Why not use a paper? And last but not least, the laws on how to apply the Mezuzah to the door posts, on a slant or straight, how high up or how low down can it be etc. Make sure to come back soon to see a vast knowledge on Mezuzah.  

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