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Yarmulkes and Kippahs

HH Judaica specializes in bulk kippah orders for Bar Mitzvahs and other special occasions at discount prices. With over 25 years of experience, our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right kippahs and on budget. We offer a large variety of kippot in small quantity or bulk, find velvet kippah, suede kippahs, kippot with rims and kippot without rims and much more. Browse our selection and feel free to request our full catalog. Call Toll Free 1-877-630-1008



Kippahs - At HH Judaica you will find a great selection of kippot. Choose the perfect kippah for a Bar Mitzvah or other occasion. We specialize in bulk kippot order. Whether you need to buy one kippah or many kippot HH Judaica is the perfect store for getting your kippah at discount. Yarmulkes, Kippot and kippah are all one thing, the Jewish skull cap, it's just a matter of name and spelling. We do custom embroidery and other kippahs customizations. Contact us today with your order of your kippah.

Interesting kippah information

A kippah is perhaps the most instantly identifiable of a Jew. Lets delve into some kippah information. When in Jewish history did head coverings begin, and when was the first kippah introduced? Is one required to wear a kippah? Are kippot a mandatory Jewish attire?
Let’s get to the facts and information on kippahs. (Kippot and Yarmulkas are all the same kippah skull cap covering).

Every morning we say the blessing of thanking G-d for "crowning Israel with splendor" (This blessing originates from the Talmud - Brachot 60b). Perhaps the kippah is hinted in this blessing, we thank G-D for he has given the Jewish people a kippah head covering that is a crown of splendor for the Jewish nation.

What is the purpose of the kippah?

It is stated in the Talmud (Kiddushin 31a) that the purpose of wearing a kippah is to remind us of G-D. This practice is based on the common Jewish excepted rule that external actions create internal awareness; so wearing a kippah which is symbolic and a tangible object showing that "something is above us" reinforces that idea that G-D is always watching mankind and the universe. Thus, the kippah is a means to awaken one's inner sense of respect for G-D. Browse HH Judaica Online store for all your Yarmulkes, Kippot, kippahs needs. yarmulkas, kippoh, kippahs, kippot, kipot yarmulka, yarmulkes,yarmulke, kippah, yarmulkes for wedding, yarmulkes for bar mitzvah, yarmulkes for bat mitzvah, kippah for wedding, kippah for bar mitzvah, kippah for bat mitzvah, suede kippah, suede kippahs, suede kippah for wedding, suede kippah for bar mitzvah, suede kippah for bat mitzvah, suede yarmulkes for wedding, suede yarmulkes for bar mitzvah, suede yarmulkes for bat mitzvah, satin kippah, satin yarmulke, skull cap, satin yarmulke for wedding, satin yarmulke for bar mitzvah, satin yarmulke for bat mitzvah, pink yarmulkes, pink kippahs, personalization, personalized Kippah, personalized Yarmulke,  

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